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Rembrandt Flooring has hundreds of Carpet options available, ranging in price, color, texture and comfort.

Visit our Carpet Showroom

At Rembrandt Flooring, we want you to be fully informed about the options that are available to you in terms of the different types of carpets that exist.

Our inventory is quite expansive with many makes and styles, so we are confident you will find what you’re looking for in our Rembrandt Flooring Showroom.

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The first level of understanding when it comes to your new carpets are the multiple options that exist in Carpet Fibers. The fiber defines what material is used in the carpet. Single fibers are spun together to create two-, three-, or four-ply yarn, which is then attached to the woven backing of the carpet. The fibers are either made from natural materials such as wool, or they are synthetic materials such as nylon, olefin, acrylic and polyester. The following are Carpet Fibers that we carry in stock in our showroom:


Offers a deep luxurious look and feel, and is a very durable and resilient carpet. Wool carpets are naturally stain resistant to soil and dirt due to the density of how tightly packed the fibers are.


The most common carpet material on the market. The nylon fiber is the strongest of all carpet types, and thus make an excellent choice for heavy traffic areas in your home or office. Nylon is also soil and mildew-resistant, resilient and non-allergenic. This type of carpet is easy to clean and maintain, but you may also get pilling and static with a nylon carpet.


Originally manufactured for outdoor and carpet use due to its resistance to moisture, mildew, water damage, staining, pilling, shedding and static. Now olefin carpets are widely used in all areas of your home due to its durability and wool-like feel and appearance.


Not as durable as nylon, but is stain-resistant. Rembrandt Flooring offers a wide selection of textures and colors of polyester carpets.


Closest option to wool out of all other synthetic fiber options. Acrylic offers soil resistance, excellent cleanability, and resistance to static, moths and mildew.


Our products comes with 1 year installation guarantee and each product has it's own manufacturer's guarantee. Please contact us to learn more.


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Learn More About Our Carpets

Stain Free

Rembrandt Flooring carpets provide Stain Free resistance that is exceptional at keeping stains and soil off of your carpet permanently. As well, our carpets are easy to maintain and include the following benefits:

  • Premium styling at affordable prices
  • Made up of 100% recycled content
  • Some Rembrandt Flooring products feature Scotchgard™ Protection with Advanced Repel Technology for long-lasting protection to keep your carpets looking newer for longer.

Wear Free

Our Wear Free carpets provide a wide range of carpet styling and color options that will match any interior decorations you currently have. Our carpets also promise to deliver long-lasting beauty along with:

  • Proven durability and time-tested quality with pets and children
  • Vibrant colors combined with a soft and comfortable feel
  • Some of our products feature Scotchgard™ Protection with Advanced Repel Technology ensuring long-lasting protection for the life of your carpet

Worry Free

With our Rembrandt Flooring Worry Free carpets, you are guaranteed to have both stain and wear-free benefits that provide you with the worry-free choice and the benefits of:

  • Inherently soft and durable carpet
  • Lifetime built-in resistance to stains and soil, that will never wear or wash off