Hardwood floors require special care to retain their brilliant shine. With a little care and attention, you will be able to keep your hardwood flooring looking like new for a long time. Simply following these steps will allow you to keep your hardwood flooring looking perfect and spotless for years.

  1. Clean your hardwood flooring regularly and do not give dirt a chance to accumulate
  2. If you spill any liquid on the Calgary flooring, wipe it up as quickly as you can
  3. Do not walk in high heels on your beautiful interior flooring. They will leave impressions that are impossible to get rid of
  4. Always keep a floor mat near the entry to ensure that dirty shoes do not leave sand and dirt on the floor
  5. Put a soft mat near the kitchen sink to absorb any moisture or utensils that accidentally fall on the hardwood flooring
  6. Only use soft mats that do not have any rubber. Air flow is important for hardwood and porous mats will also prevent the build-up of dirt on your flooring
  7. Do not use plastic caster. Instead, replace them with soft nylon or rubber castors to ensure they do not leave scratches and marks on your new interior hardwood flooring
  8. Do not drag heavy objects like furniture on the floor. Always pick them up when moving them. Use soft felt mats when you cannot lift heavy furniture to better protect your flooring
  9. Keep your hardwood flooring from direct sunlight or harsh artificial light. Hardwood can change color under intense light and this uncontrolled discoloration can look very unsightly.
  10. Move around furniture and mats that cover the hardwood on a regular basis. This will expose your hardwood flooring to an even amount of light and there will be no patches of discolorration on the floor.

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