You love your dog, now you can love your carpets, too. New advances in carpet materials and piles make cleaning up after your furry friend easier than ever. Our picks for pet-friendly homes will leave your floors beautiful with only a minimum of care.

1. Nylon Carpets

With strong durable fibers, nylon is ideal for pets the strands are resistant to pulling from sharp claws, wear and tear, and naturally resist pet orders. The naturally stain resistant fibers are also ideal for high-traffic areas like hallways and entries. Resistant to soil and mildew, nylon will remain clean no matter what gets tracked into your home.

2. Wool Carpets

Many homeowners don’t think wool when they want durability. However, with wool’s tight weave, and naturally stain resistance it’s an excellent option for a luxurious look and feel your pets can enjoy, too. There’s no need to be weary of quality wool carpets, in light to moderate traffic areas wool performs excellently, even with pets!

3. Rembrandt Flooring’s Wear Free Carpets

With several options, including choices with Scotchgard Protection, our wear free carpets are sure to impress anyone with young children and pets. Our carpets come with a guarantee and are simple to maintain and clean with just weekly vacuuming!

4. Mohawk’s SmartStrand line

Your family deserves the best and Mohawk delivers with their SmartStrand line. Their stain and durability protection are manufactured right into each strand, so your carpet will remain protected for the life of the flooring. Their product is environmentally friendly and renewable as well.

5. Olefin

When you think olefin you might think outdoor carpets. The fiber has moved from the outdoors with new advancements that give the fibers the look and feel of wool. The fiber still maintains it’s resistance to a wide variety of stains like water damage, pilling, static, stains, and mildew.

There’s no need to be shy about installing carpet in your new home. Pet-friendly carpets come in a wide variety of colors and patterns to fit your budget. Rembrandt Flooring will be happy to give you a quote and install your selections as well. Visit their showroom today or call them for your free quote.